Nobody's Fool
Nobody’s Fool

Welcome to my web-folio of doodles here at ‘Deeno’s Art Showcase’. I’ve been drawing ever since I was old enough to stand upright, hold a marker pen in my right fist and scrawl ‘Indians & Dinosaurs’ on the pock-marked plaster walls of the family home. I suspect the early obsession with ‘Indians & Dinosaurs’ had something to do with ‘Feathers & Incisors’ which is probably why I’m always trying to make my artwork ‘Tickle & Bite’ at the same time.

I take a great interest in all the visual arts having experimented with many different disciplines over the years including painting, illustration, sculpture, photography, storyboarding and animation. For inspiration I draw upon a diverse medley of sources, particularly vintage cover & interior illustration from old pulp magazines & paperbacks, comics, cartoons & music albums. Also; fairground, pinball, psychedelic, pin up & poster art to name but a few. The so-called ‘Art of the Vulgar’ is, for me, a magical wurlitzer palace that holds a particular fascination with its playfully bright & exciting primary coloured vitality and endless ground breaking imagination. And speaking of ‘unhealthy obsessions’… on the ‘fine art’ side of the fence I tend towards a particular attraction for Art Nouveau, Deco, Surrealism, Japanese wood block prints and Pop Art for exactly the same reasons.

All of these sources I draw together into the fusion point of my own continually evolving vision and style. I hope you enjoy viewing my artworks as much as I enjoy creating them. Feel free to drop me a line below.